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Parsnip Season’s Freshest

  We changed our Season’s Freshest last week to one of our favorites here at High Rock – Parsnips! Some of you might not be familiar with this particular vegetable, a parsnip is much like a carrot but has a sweeter smoother flavor when cooked. We decided this month to incorporate the sweet taste of […]


Apples Season’s Freshest

We have a great Season’s Freshest for you this month, APPLES! For starters we have the Wozniak Old Fashioned.  This cocktail was a huge hit the day we previewed the menu.  If you like ginger ale and apples mixed together you’ll love this.  Trivia note, Wozniak is one of the founders of Apple Computers, if […]


First Annual Wisconsin Deers Beer Walk

This upcoming Friday October 17th, from 9am to 9pm, Wisconsin Dells is having our first ever Beer Walk.  The High Rock Cafe is so happy to be apart of it.  No one does beer like Wisconsin and we are proud to always have Wisconsin beers on tap.  Well on Friday we are featuring Karben 4 […]