The Turducken

WE WELCOME YOU TO THE 3rd Annual CARNIVOROUS TOUR! The year of the bird!


The Carnivorous tour is back and starting January 4th at the High Rock Café: a tour of poultry exploring eight different birds, over a eight week period. With the success of last year’s tour featuring pork and the year prior of beef, Chef Justin Draper is excited for the year of the bird!

Turducken is a dish consisting of a deboned chicken. Stuffed into a deboned duck. Further stuffed into a deboned turkey! That’s right; we are going to debone all three of these birds by hand. It’s a process we will all learn from. Credit for the creation of the Turducken is uncertain, though it is generally agreed to have been popularized by Cajun chef Paul Prudhomme. John Madden often expressed his fondness for the dish on-air while covering football on Thanksgiving. In 1989 a Turducken was delivered on-air to Madden, who promptly offered one of  the turkey legs to Reggie White as a most valuable player award.

Thank you for a great tour, we hope you liked it!

For the next eight weeks the High Rock kitchen will focus one specific bird and create three unique dishes each week. The goal of this endeavor is to inform the clientele about the wide variety of flavors and different types of poultry that are available to them. “I am excited to highlight the different flavor profiles that each bird has and it’s great that we can give our customers something new each week.”

As a way to make this epicurean adventure fun, the High Rock will be offering prizes to those who attend the Carnivorous tour. A punch card will be available that briefly outlines the beginning and ending of each week and the cut of meat highlighted with three sets of prizes for making it to either 3,6 or all 8 weeks. NEW MENUS WILL BE RELEASED EVERY WEDNESDAY MORNING FOR THE NEXT 8 WEEKS! The regular lunch and dinner menu will still be available but the Season’s Freshest Menu will be taken over with Carnivorous Tour fare